Acceptance beyond shutting the free souls

We live in a world where we tend to celebrate the fusion of different cultures. In order to promote unity in diversity.  But what hinders this inclusive development are the stereotypes. The misconceptions that despite being the unique creations of almighty.  We have been holding on to from a long time about our own identity. Our ‘identity’ is not restricted to our gender roles, names, the tasks and the religion which we follow.

We are the free souls and these temporary roles do not define who we really are. The essence of our individuality lies much beyond these duties. It is not something that is written on our foreheads rather what we choose to be overtime. The behaviour which we adapt in our everyday lifestyle and the kind of actions we perform. The words that we use for each other the pleasant words which can capture hearts. Or words which can make them feel worse about themselves.

The lens through which we perceive the world and make a dent in the universe. Then time and again why do we isolate a certain section of people and make them feel worse about their own selves. By using derogatory words and bullying them.

What is LGBTQ+ and what are the struggles of this community?

Lesbian – The females who are attracted to other females.

Gay – The males who are interested in the people of the same gender

Bisexual – Captivated towards more than one sex

Transgender – The term used to describe people who transform themselves from the body in which they were born to the body whose traits they feel familiar with the passage of time.

Queer – The ones whose sexual orientation is not exclusively heterosexual.

  • Research studies have shown that these marginalized communities are more prone to mental health problems like loneliness, depression, self-harm and drug-abuse. 61% are the victims of PSTD and anxiety disorders.
  • Not only this but most of these are threatened and are forced to convert themselves. 69 % feel that they have lesser employment opportunities and are paid less than the non- LGBTQ+ people.
  • They are rejected by their own families who are unwilling to accept them. They are unable to enjoy their basic rights and are excluded from participating in societal activities.
  •  These individuals experience the feeling of hopelessness and despair about their own state. They bottle up their feelings because they are afraid to open up.  As people constantly bully them which triggers their self-esteem.

Is it because they do not fall in the two prescribed categories in which people are divided i.e. of a male or a female?

  • The so called ‘normal’ tag is used for those who fit into the traditional gender roles.
  • While homosexuality is viewed as an act of sin and unnatural. These stereotypes are based upon irrationality not on logic. People have been holding on to them for years.


  • The studies by biologists have proved that ‘it is a natural phenomenon of our species’.
  • Homosexuality has been seen in more than 1500 different species of animals. It is not an ‘imported disease’ rather a part and parcel of the process of evolution.
  • Diversity is nature’s secret weapon to promote unity not segregation.
  • The history of these queer practice dates back to 1800 where Indian poets used to openly write about the union of males with males and the relationship of females with other females.
  • These people are not outsiders rather loving souls who are full of compassion. They are in the dire need to get accepted for who they are.

How can we bring effective changes for them?

  • STOP – The first and the foremost thing is to abstain yourself from being a mute spectator to everything going on around you.
  • ASK And listen with an intend to HELP –  We are always making assumptions about people. Ever tried to stop and ask them instead.  You have no clue about what they are going through. So why not ask them and be considerate enough to listen to their story than just merely focusing upon preparing a response in your heads.
  • Promote INCLUSIVENESS over discrimination “Thoughts are powerful when converted into actions else they remain just like a hunch”. No matter where you work ensure that people who belong to the lgbtq+ community are treated in a fair and equitable manner. The laws might have changed but change on a wider level occurs when each and every organization employs them and respect them for who they are.
  • Conduct seminars and events to raise awareness As we all know that communication is the key. Try your level best to reach to a large audience and become a mediator between these people who want to narrate their story to the ones who are unaware. It will not only promote the habit of inclusiveness but also empower them to take charge of their lives.
  • Let every day become a pride for them June is commonly known to be the “pride month” of this community. It is time when they celebrate their accomplishments. The major gay rights movement occurred on 28th June 1969, at the Stone wall Inn.  A month long celebration where the ‘rainbow pride flag’ is a symbol of hope, dignity, liberty, healing, magic and harmony.
  • This should be the way they should live everyday with contentment. They have already faced decades of violence and discrimination by the hands of society.  Acknowledging and feeling a part of the society every day. It can be done if every atom of our soul is willing to accept them and spread eternal love.
  • Its never to late to start over by letting go of the mental clutter.


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