What is Silva Method?

The Silva Method is many things, but fundamentally, it is a method of exercises that train us to help gain better control of one’s own mind and the workings of it, be it to trigger a state of creativity or a state of relaxation. It is believed that a mind out of its owner’s control is destructive at best, so in order to be constructive and creative, we must discipline our mind.

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Law of Resonance

Resonance is a very similar law that also mimics the law of attraction in every way. In resonance, what is projected comes back to you from everyone around you. This includes positive energy or negative energy and these are all determined by our beliefs about ourselves and people around us.

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Food for the Mind

“Why is it that some people are less resilient to life’s stones and arrows while others not?” He wondered what nourished and nurtured human flourishment. In 1992, Davidson had the opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama, and every changed.

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