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Here’s a truth that many people get wrong…

The Universe wants us to have an abundant life, and it will support us in making this a reality.

However, it cannot and will not do it alone; we must also do our part.

One way we can work with the universe to create an abundant life is by giving to others. This is one of the most powerful principles of all time.

By sharing with the world, your actions let the universe know that you believe in advancing others and that there’s more than enough wealth and abundance to go around for everyone.

And since like attracts like, if you give freely with the world, the universe will deliver a world that shares back with you.

It’s Not Just About the Money

When you think about giving, you may think of only giving money. However, there are many things you can give to add value to people’s lives.

You can:

  • Send thoughts of kindness, compassion, and goodwill to people who need it
  • Smile at everyone you see
  • Give away physical items you no longer need
  • Volunteer your time for those in need
  • Give away one of your gifts or talents, such as painting or singing, and make someone’s day
  • Offer a free service to provide for others
  • Provide a meal or cup of coffee to a friend or stranger

Each of those things will bring rewards to you and the recipients of your kindness.

However, you might be surprised to learn that, when you give money, it might be you that ultimately reaps the best regards.

Is This Your Mindset?

If you study the principles of wealth, you’ll likely keep coming across the idea that it’s important and powerful to give money to others.

Still, you might sometimes find yourself making excuses like this: “I will give when I reach my financial goals. Then I’ll be able to afford to give.”

That’s a scarcity mindset that tells the universe the following…

There’s not enough.

I might need this for an emergency.

I feel safer holding on to this.

So, the universe gives you what you expect…

You never make or get enough money.

Unexpected expenses keep coming up and draining your account.

Larger sums of money don’t come to you because you don’t allow money to flow through you.

I’m guessing none of this is what you want.

So, what can you do about it?

It’s this simple

Want to receive more? Then give more.

If you want more money, don’t hoard it—circulate it. You must be a conduit for money to flow through, not a stopping point.

And when you do give money to others, lovingly give a generous amount, without expectations of getting something in return.

I got my first glimpse of the power of giving when I was a young boy. My mother handed me ten of her hard-earned dollars to give to a family in need. Those ten dollars made a real difference for that family.

My mother’s act touched something inside me, and I have been giving from my heart ever since.

For example, PGI is committed to helping every person get an opportunity to realize their full potential.

So we give back by donating a significant percentage of our revenue to a non-profit organization that helps children with no hope of getting an education and live in a safer environment.

Our donations currently build one school every two weeks in Africa. I can’t begin to tell you how much joy and abundance giving to the Unstoppable Foundation brings to our company.

No matter how little or how much money you make, I strongly encourage you to give some of it away.

Giving is a Wealth Habit

Like all wealth-building habits, you must practice giving before you become wealthy, not once you are there.

If you think you will suddenly find giving a percentage of what you make easier when you are making a lot more money, you are mistaken. You must start with whatever you have now.

Give freely and know in your heart that making other people’s lives better or easier is payment enough.

This is how you send a “prosperity” mindset to the universe. And it creates a cycle that grows on itself to the point that wealth and abundance become your reality.

See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It works every time with every person.”

– Bob Proctor

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