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Compassion & its importance

9:48 am|Mental Health|

    The Value of Compassion   Empathy. Sympathy. Compassion. All these words imply and evoke the need for one to be kind, understanding, concerned for others' wellbeing and suffering. We all generally expect people to adorn themselves with such qualities, ones that are considered good, paragons of virtue and very often, we praise individuals who possess such traits. ‘The [...]

The Root Causes of Anxiety

12:41 pm|Mental Health|

Imagine a long corridor, posters all over the walls, with notices of exam results posted far and wide. You walk towards a large classroom, filled with students, some huddled around on the tables and chatting loudly, while others are busy burying their heads in thick, padded books for some last-minute revision. You walk towards your group of friends, and all [...]

Kriya Yoga by Paramahansa Yogananda

4:12 am|Consciousness|

Many Indian cultures have believed, since times immemorial, that the ultimate goal of meditation is to realize the eternal unity of one’s consciousness and soul with God. What achievements can be more valuable than using limited human abilities to realize the omnipresence and omnipotence of the Creator? Meditation on the Lord’s blessings can bring peace, love, joy, strength, and wisdom. [...]

Heal yourself within and hold yourself back

6:15 pm|Consciousness|

There is an intangible, omnipresent energy that gives life to every living organism. Humanity has been aware of this power for thousands of years and has tried to harbor the power of this energy within their own body in order to heal and influence their lives. The Japanese know this energy as Ki, the Chinese as Chi, Prana by multiple [...]

What is the Silva Method?

5:46 pm|Personal Growth|

When Jose Silva, married and the father of three children, was drafted to war, a psychologist caught his attention there, and he was intrigued by the questions this man asked others, which in his opinion were utter crass and made no sense. Do you wet your bed? Do you like women? He wondered, being a Lieutenant Colonel, the salary that [...]

Pride Month Special

8:03 pm|LGBTQIA+|

Acceptance beyond shutting the free souls We live in a world where we tend to celebrate the fusion of different cultures. In order to promote unity in diversity.  But what hinders this inclusive development are the stereotypes. The misconceptions that despite being the unique creations of almighty.  We have been holding on to from a long time about our own [...]

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